Head of Department: Mrs H Brogdan


The study of dance as an art form contributes to students’ aesthetic and social development. As a physical activity it promotes fitness and well being. Dance also supports learning across a range of subjects.

As performers, students develop confidence and self-esteem. They develop self and body awareness as well as sensitivity to others and team-working skills. Effective performance requires physical effort and the determination to succeed and improve. As choreographers, students employ the skills of problem solving and creativity. Effective choreography requires imagination and the ability to synthesise a number of elements. In directing others, students develop their interpersonal and communication skills. As critics, students make informed decisions about the dances they see. They articulate their knowledge, opinions and preferences. Viewing professional dances fulfills students’ cultural entitlement and broadens their artistic experience.


In year 7, Dance taught within the PE curriculum.  Each student is given a 6 week block of dance lessons where they learn skills in basic movement and choreography. 

In year 8 and 9, every student has one dance lesson a fortnight as part of the performing arts curriculum.  These are taught in mixed sex tutor groups and build on the work started in year 7 improving student’s performance and technical skills.

Year 8 Freerunning Scheme of Work    Year 8 Dance Year Overview 18/19    Year 9 Capoeira Scheme of Work


We currently offer GCSE Dance at KS4 and follow the AQA Dance specification. The course focuses on aesthetic and artistic qualities and the use of movement to express and communicate ideas.  Students are assessed both in performance and choreographic tasks as well as a 1 hour 30 minute written paper at the end of year 11. 

Year 10 Scheme of Work    Year 11 Dance Scheme of Work    GCSE Dance Subject Content Overview 2018


We currently offer A Level dance in the sixth form and follow the AQA Dance specification.  Studying A Level Dance provides a suitable foundation for study in higher education and further employment. 

The A Level course focuses on: 

•Performance – Perform in a quartet and a solo based on the style of a specified practitioner 

•Choreography – Choreograph a group dance based on a set stimulus

•Critical Appreciation – 2 hour 30 minute written paper answering questions on two set eras in Dance and two set works. 


We run an extensive extra-curricular programme both at lunchtimes and after school.  This incorporates Dance sessions in a variety of styles for all students at all ages.  Clubs and activities can be tailored to meet student demand and work towards numerous performance opportunities. 

There is also the chance for our very able students to join the Maghull High School Dance Company who meet weekly. 


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