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Head of Department: Mr N Abraham


“In design and technology pupils combine practical and technological skills with creative thinking to design and make products and systems that meet human needs. They learn to use current technologies and consider the impact of future technological developments. They learn to think creatively and intervene to improve the quality of life, solving problems as individuals and members of a team.”

Key Stage 3

In year 7, 8 and 9 all pupils work on a carousel system and rotate around all the different Design and Technology areas. These include Food & Nutrition, Resistant Materials and Electronics,

Pupils spend at least one term in each area.

The curriculum is project based and pupil’s work designing and making or problem solving with the design work getting progressively more complex as pupils move through the Key Stage.

At the end of the Key Stage they will have developed the knowledge and skills to be able to make a considered choice at option time.

Design and Technology KS 3 scheme

Key Stage 4

Design and Technology subjects are in the options for key stage 4. Pupils have the option to choose to study Engineering at the end of year 9.

Option choices are as follows:

  •   BTEC Level 2 Engineering

Design and Technology KS 4 Schemes

Post 16

At post 16 we offer two BTEC  Engineering qualifications., BTEC NQF Level 3 Extended Certificate (1 A Level equivalent) and the  NQF Diploma (2 A Level equivalent.)

It is worth one A Level.

Pupils attain either PASS, MERIT or DISTINCTION.

BTEC Level 3 Engineering is fully acceptable for UCAS points.

Any questions about the Design and Technology should be referred to Mr Abraham at:

BTEC Level 3 Engineering Planning.

BTEC NQF Level 3 Diploma in Engineering

BTEC NQF Level3 Extended Certificate in Engineering

BTEC QCF Subsidiary Diploma in Engineering.


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