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Key Stage 3

Year 7 

Students in Key Stage 3 begin with an examination of life in Britain before 1066. This begins with a study of the Neolithic Revolution and its importance in the long-term history of the British Isles. They then combine this with a local study to consider life on Merseyside prior to the Norman invasion. 

Following on from this, students learn about the causes and consequences of the Norman invasion before considering the important events, issues and people in medieval Britain. In addition, students learn about Liverpool’s medieval history and this focus study looks at the original medieval city of Liverpool. 

The medieval period is followed up with a study of the Tudor and Stuart period. Students learn about the main events, issues and people. We then focus on another local history study in which we consider how much Liverpool changed in the Tudor and Stuart periods and look at the establishment and importance of the world’s first permanent wet dock in Liverpool in the early 18th century. This gives the students a good foundation for our final topic of the year, Britain and the African Slave Trade.

Year 8 

Year 8 begins with a focus on aspects of the British Empire as a homework module set via Firefly, our Virtual Learning Environment (VLE). This is covered simultaneously with a study of the industrial age in which students are taught about the main events, issues and people and the legacy of the age for Britain and the world. As with other units, a local history study is attached to this unit and students are taught about the rise of Liverpool as a world city in this time.

Themes in 20th Century History are also taught in Year 8. As well as the nature of conflict in both world wars, we consider the social impact and legacy of the wars for Liverpool and Britain.

We also look at the importance and influence of the USA as a growing world power during the 20th century and this topic includes looking at American contributions in both world wars as well as the social, cultural and economic influence of the USA on the world. 

Year 9 

From September 2019, Year 9 students will spend their first term studying a unit on Post World War 2 world history. This will include topics such as-

•The legacy of the Holocaust for Human Rights 

•The Swinging Sixties 

•The rise of terrorism

•The legacy of 9/11

Following on from this, we teach the first unit of the Edexcel GCSE History specification so that all students have a taste of what GCSE History has to offer. The unit is a Thematic Study of Crime and Punishment from c.1000AD to 2007. This involves a study of how approaches to crime prevention and punishment have changed over the last millennium and includes focus studies on-

•Changes to the law made the Normans

•The range of punishments in the medieval period

•The Gunpowder Plot and the treatment of the suspects involved

•The introduction of the Police force

•Jack the Ripper 

•Crime in the Twentieth Century

Year 7 Scheme of Work.   Year 8 Scheme of work.   Year 9 Scheme of Work.

Year 10 

In Year 10 students study content for their GCSE in History. Much of the year is spent studying the content for Paper 2 and this comprises of two units-

•Anglo-Saxon and Norman England c.1060-1088

•Superpower Relations c.1941-1991

We then begin the final unit which is Weimar and Nazi Germany, 1918-39.

Year 10 Anglo-Saxon Unit

Year 10 Cold War GCSE Unit

Year 11

In Year 11, students complete the final unit begun in year 10 (Weimar and Nazi Germany) before final preparation and revision ahead of their final exams. 

A Level History 

History is a popular subject at A Level and our students follow the AQA History specification. Our 2 exam units are-

•Challenge and Transformation: Britain c1851-1964 (40% of overall grade)

•Democracy and Nazism: Germany 1918-1945 (40% of overall grade)

Students also have to complete a piece of coursework on a theme of their choice (from a selection of topics that begin before 1764) and this makes up the final 20% of their overall mark. 

Year 11 Germany GCSE Unit

Government and Politics A Level

Students who opt for this course follow the Edexcel specification. The course is assessed completely by 3 exams at the end of Year 13. 

A Level Government and Politics Scheme

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