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The Mathematics department aims to nurture the mathematical potential of every student and to assist in their progress towards becoming confident independent young people.

Key Stage 3

Year 7

Students are developing fluency, reasoning skills and their ability to solve problems through the mathematical constructs listed below.

The Key Constructs underpin the Mathematics Mastery cumulative curriculum, and will therefore be continually developed and built upon across academic years. The table below shows when they are explicitly focused upon for the first time.


Year 8

Students In year 8 follow the Kangaroo Maths scheme of work depending on student pathway.

Stage 7 topics and objectives

Stage 8 topics and objectives

Stage 9 topics and objectives

Key Stage 4

Pupils will either follow Higher level GCSE or Foundation level GCSE.

Suitability for each course is determined by Key Stage 4 target grades and also assessments during years 7 and 8. We follow the AQA 3 year scheme of work. The GCSE course is assessed by three written exams. Paper 1 is non-calculator, Paper 2 and Paper 3 are calculator based.

Year 9-11 Foundation Overview

Year 9-11 Higher Overview

Post 16

A Level Maths (first teaching in September 2017)

A2 (current Year 13)

Continuation into A2 is based on achievement in year 12. Only those achieving a Grade D or better are offered the opportunity to continue to study Mathematics. For any achievement below a grade D we recommend a resit of year 12.

In A2 Maths 2 further modules, C3 and C4, cover the pure lesson and a second applied module is studied. We tailor the needs of our students for the second Applied Module. C3 and C4 deepen understanding of concepts studied in Year 12 and concentrate mainly on developing the skills linked to Trigonometry and Calculus.

C1  C2  C3  C4

S1  M1  S2  M2


Personal and Financial Literacy

The school is now working with Pfeg (Personal and Financial group) to help our young students become financially literate. We believe strongly in preparing for our students for the future and having a sound financial grasp. We have supported the implementation of Financial literacy within tutorial time and are working to incorporate it within everyday lessons.

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