New Build Updates

Sneaky Peek Inside

Here is a sneak peek at some classrooms and toilets in the new building.

Continuing Developments

Our front entrance is taking shape and staff have been inside the building today.  It won't be long now!

Big Reveal

The hoarding is removed to reveal the sheer scale of the front elevation of our wonderful new build.  So exciting!

Steel Signing and Time Capsule

Pupils and staff of Maghull High School joined Wates Construction and the Department for Education to celebrate the completion of the steel frame of their new two-storey school block on Gainsborough Avenue, Liverpool.

Year 7 students, along with the head boy and girl, Sonny Garside and Ayse Ozcan, were invited to sign a section of the steel and include letters they had written within the fabric of the building, leaving their mark on their new school. 

The students were joined by the school’s headteacher, Davina Aspinall and Chair of Governors, Geoff Howe for the ceremony, with representatives from Wates and the Department for Education also attending.














Build Progress

We are so excited to see the scaffolding coming down from the back of our beautiful new building.  Lots of internal work is underway now and we are looking forward to our steel signing ceremony this Friday.

New Build Update

Last week, the senior leadership team were able to have a guided tour of the inside of our new building.  Imagine how exciting it was to finally get a real insight into how the new spaces look.  The building is organised over two floors and it was amazing to see how quickly it is taking shape.  A Wates Site Manager talked us through the site after ensuring we were suitably clothed in hard hats, wellies and protective goggles.  Take a look at these internal photographs to get a flavour of what you can look forward to seeing in the very near future.


It has been a few weeks since we posted but as you can see, developments have continued on the new building.  We have windows, we have bricks and the structure is now more or less weatherproof.  Parents who came to our Open Morning on Saturday were impressed at the sheer scale of the building and are looking forward to seeing the school on completion in April.


Exciting Developments

New build developments

Students will undoubtedly notice a big difference when they return to school tomorrow!  We now have insulation and windows on most of the new build, with an expectation that the building will be weatherproof within the next fortnight.  Access around the site remains the same for students as it was before the summer break.  

We look forward to welcoming all students back tomorrow.  Please remember the new rule on mobile phones.  They must not be seen or used on school premises.


Summer Developments

As you can see, we now have walls and windows. The builders are working hard to ready the site for the return of pupils on 4 September.



August Update.

As you can see, our new building is not the only thing growing on the Maghull High site.  We'll post some more pictures next week.



We are so excited to see the first bricks being laid today.  Work is certainly going at a pace.

Taking Shape

The outline of our amazing new building can clearly be seen against today's cloudless blue sky.  Our first staircase went in last Friday and we're starting to see ceilings and floors.


As you can see, floors have started to appear in the upstairs of our new building and we now have two big cranes on site.  Mr Woodruff from our site team was lucky enough to be given a site tour by our Wates site manager at the weekend and he said it seems much bigger when you are in it than it looks from outside the compound.  The pace of progress is astounding and it has been fascinating to watch the structure take shape over the last few weeks.

Year 9 Site Visit

Ten year 9 girls were able to enjoy a site visit with Wates last week.  Wates gave us positive feedback on the response of our students and their engagement in the activity and the girls all found the opportunity very interesting.  As you can see from the pictures, some of students are a little excited about their new school.





Giant Meccano

It has been amazing to watch the two contractors working from cherry pickers this week to erect the steel structure of our new building.  It has progressed so quickly and is really starting to take shape.  More students will be visiting the site today to get an insight into how work is going.

Exciting Update

Work didn't stop on our site over half term.  The steel has started to arrive and the structure is taking shape.

Site Update

An up to date picture of our building site shows the site more or less ready for the steels to arrive.  Before the structure can take shape, there must be ample time for the concrete foundations to set.  We have been assured that once the steels go up, which could take up to seven weeks,  the building will start to take shape very quickly.  Visit this tab for further updates in due course.

Year 12 Site Visit

Some of our year 12 engineers had the opportunity last week to visit our building site to witness one of the first concrete pours.  They were first of all briefed on health and safety by Justin Wilde, our Wates site manager and then were kitted out to head onto site to see the latest developments.  Our head of DT Mr Abraham reported that the visit was very worthwhile and an excellent opportunity for our students to see the practical application of some of the theory they have learned.  Students gained a valuable insight into the numerous engineering opportunities available to them in the construction industry.  We look forward to further student site visits in the near future.




Laying the Foundations

As you can see, the concrete pour has begun!  Over the next week or so, the foundations of our new building will be laid and we will be able to get a sense of its footprint.  Before too long, the steel frame will arrive and we will really start to see the structure taking shape.

A sunny 6am view of our building site

Site Developments

As you can see from the picture taken on our return, there has been a lot of work taking place over the Easter break to prepare the site for our new building.  We intend to keep you posted over the coming weeks as work continues.  Our students are coping well with the adjustments to movement around the site and feedback from our contractors has been very positive.

An Exciting Day

You may be aware that contractors from Wates arrived on site on 12 March to begin setting up their compound.  Our students have become accustomed to the new routes for movement around the site and the contractors have given us positive feedback on how our students have welcomed them and shown an interest in their new school.  Today was a particularly exciting day, as we held the turf turning ceremony, led by Mr Anderson and Mr Howe, our Chair of Governors.  Several year seven students and two members of staff who attended Maghull High School as students helped as the first hole was dug.  Mr Howe said, ‘I am absolutely delighted that our staff and students are finally getting the building they deserve.  Many years ago, a survey of schools in Sefton was conducted which identified Maghull High School as the second worst in terms of its condition.  This new build has been a long time coming.’  Needless to say, staff and students alike are equally excited at the prospect of moving into our new main school in about twelve months’ time.  Visit our website regularly to keep up to date with developments over the coming months.


Maghull High School New Build

We are excited to be able to tell you that after planning for our new school was finally passed earlier this month, contractors from Wates will be arriving on site from Monday, 12 March.  The initial work before Easter will involve the siting of the builders' compound, with an area from Gainsborough gate to a portion of the field being fenced off.  Staff have already been briefed on the implications for movement around the site and maintaining the safety of our students, which remains at all times a key priority.  Next week, all students will be briefed in assembly about what this means for them and how the work will progress.

We anticipate moving into our new accommodation around Easter 2019 and look forward to keeping you informed over the coming months of developments as they occur.

And so it begins

Friday 20th October saw the first step in the move towards our wonderful new building when engineers and contractors from Wates arrived on site to start pegging out the site of the new build. Over the coming months, staff and students will no doubt grow accustomed to the sight of high visibility vests and hard hats, as the new main building takes shape. Some year seven students were able to meet a couple of the contractors to find out a little more of what we might expect over the coming months.


We are one of only 277 schools in the country that have been successful in being selected for the government’s two billion pound Priority Schools Building Programme 2 and we are delighted to be able to announce that we are looking forward to a complete rebuild of our main block.  Work will commence in the autumn term this year and we expect to move into our new building in January 2019.  The layout of our site means that there will be no disruption to our students’ learning during the project.  We will continue to use the existing building during construction, which will only be demolished after we have moved into the new build.  With a new school hall, dining room, dedicated performing arts suite, two floors of classrooms and other facilities, the new building promises to be impressive. Please look at the accompanying video.


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