Phoenix Centre

“The Phoenix Centre at Maghull High School is a unique facility within Sefton, which aims to remove barriers to learning and raise achievement through a child-centred, holistic approach to prepare students for the world beyond school.

We recognise that “Life’s tough sometimes” and work with students to develop resilience and empathy, promote emotional intelligence and literacy and consequently improve emotional well-being and positive mental health.

We help pupils of all ages and abilities achieve to their potential, identify strategies to overcome their individual barriers to learning, while raising aspirations and promoting positive relationships.

We work with students on a one-to-one basis and in groups to overcome many barriers to learning which include attendance, behaviour, communication, friendships, self esteem, organisation, confidence, bullying, bereavement, family issues, medical/physical, emotional and many more.

Restorative Justice Information

Phoenix Leaflet

Coping Calendar from Action for Happiness

Let's look for positive ways to look after ourselves and each other as we face this crisis together

Keep Calm, Stay Wise Be Kind. 

Click on the image to download coping calendar

Please access any of the following sites if you are struggling or need support during these challenging times. 

Contact any of the following if you are in need.

There is also plenty of information for parents too so let them know.

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