Physical Education


Mr N Lynch - Head of Physical Education:

Mrs A. Southworth - Assistant Head of Physical Education:  




•For students to participate in competitive sports. To develop the skills, tactical understanding, and the values of fairness and respect.  To participate in individual and team sports.

•To have moments that are physically demanding.

•To develop physical literacy /confidence in skills performance.

•To value health and fitness.

•For the student to plan, perform, and review performance. (At times to review the performance of others).

What are the key concepts that have to be mastered for pupils to be successful in this subject?

Positive attitude/experience

Skill development

Broad and rich experience of PE

Strive to improve

Preparation for the next stage

Key Stage 3 Core PE

Scheme of Work Overview:

Year 7    Autumn 1    Autumn 2    Spring 1    Spring 2    Summer 1    Summer 2

Year 8    Autumn 1    Autumn 2    Spring 1    Spring 2    Summer 1    Summer 2

Year 9    Autumn 1    Autumn 2    Spring 1    Spring 2    Summer 1    Summer 2 

Key Stage 4 Core PE

Scheme of Work Overview:

Year 10    Autumn 1    Autumn 2    Spring 1    Spring 2    Summer 1    Summer 2

Year 11    Autumn 1    Autumn 2    Spring 1    Spring 2    Summer 1    Summer 2

Key Stage 4 Examination PE

Year 10    Autumn 1    Autumn 2    Spring 1    Spring 2    Summer 1    Summer 2

Year 11    Autumn 1    Autumn 2    Spring 1    Spring 2    Summer 1    Summer 2

Key Stage 5

Scheme of Work Overview:

Year 12    Autumn 1    Autumn 2    Spring 1    Spring 2    Summer 1    Summer 2

Year 13    Autumn 1    Autumn 2    Spring 1    Spring 2    Summer 1    Summer 2

Cultural Capital

The design of the PE curriculum has the purpose of providing opportunities for students to experience success; to excel; experience competition; to build character; to develop values of fairness and respect (to value themselves and others).

Across all key stages, students are encouraged to be independent thinkers and team players.  Mental skills and attributes such as confidence, memory, commitment and concentration are all encouraged through practice and performance.  Students are encouraged to attend extra-curricular clubs which run weekly at both lunch and after school.  Clubs are taught as mixed ability and give the opportunity for students to further extend their learning.  Representative teams give the students an opportunity to excel in chosen sports.  

An Equitable Curriculum - Removing Barriers to Learning

The PE curriculum provides a mix and breadth of activities/sports. Competitive and non-competitive sports are taught.  Activities range across net games/ ball games /invasion games /fitness based activities/gymnastic and athletics. With a balance of activities all student strengths have opportunity to be show cased. To further develop student’s skillset, they have the opportunity to take on the roles of official or coach. 

For further information regarding the physical education curriculum please contact Mr N Lynch (Head of Physical Education)

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