Standards 2019-2020

Mobile phones

Mobile phones are not to be seen or used at any point when on school premises. Mobile phones that are seen in school will be confiscated and returned at the end of the day.

Students are not allowed to use their phones at break or lunch times.

Students may bring their mobile phone to school but it must be in their bag throughout the day.


Students should wear correct uniform at all times with shirt/blouse tucked in.  Ties displaying at least 4 stripes with top buttons fastened.

All students to wear school shoes (See below)

All students should wear Blazer (Y7-Y10) Jumper (Y11)

All outdoor jackets should be removed before entering classrooms

School Shoes

Boys: Plain, black ankle-high shoes and black laces (no boots and trainers) 

Girls: Plain, low heeled (no more than 2 inches in height) black ankle-high shoes and black laces (no boots and trainers). Slipper or canvas style shoes provide no support. They are unsuitable and dangerous for school use. 

Trainers can be unsuitable for children with foot injuries. We discourage pupils from wearing them for medical reasons unless a doctor’s note is produced. A signed letter from parents must be produced on rare occasions when trainers are needed. Pastoral staff may contact parents if they have concerns over footwear. Shoes should not have flashes of different colours on them or carry a bright manufacturer’s logo.





All students should have a school bag that can accommodate an A4 size file and the following equipment:

1.Clear pencil case with pen, pencil, ruler, rubber


3.PE kit when needed

4.Tablet (if appropriate)

Equipment should be checked each morning by tutor.  If any student does not have the basic equipment they may be issued with it for the day


Students are encouraged to carry water with them.

Fizzy/ carbonated drinks of any kind are not to be consumed in school.  

Students are allowed to carry diluted cordial in their own bottle or milk.  No other drink except for the ones available in the school canteen can be consumed.  Examples of these drinks are available below.




Chewing Gum

Chewing gum must not be chewed on school premises. Students who choose to chew gum will be asked to place it in the bin and will be given a school consequence. 


Students are allowed to wear one pair of studded earrings. No other jewellery should be worn at any time in school. Facial and other piercings must be removed for school.

Hair Styles

While the school respects the wishes of parents and students in determining their own hair styles, extreme and unnatural colours should not be worn, e.g. blue, pink. 

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