The Options Process at Maghull High School

The Key Stage Three basic entitlement for every student at Maghull High School is as follows:

•Access to a curriculum which is broad and balanced 

•Access to teaching within a group that provides both challenge and support 

•A modern foreign language 

•A range of arts based subjects 

•A range of humanities based subjects 

•A range of design and technology based subjects 

•Four hours of physical education a fortnight 

•The opportunity to develop a range of computer science/ICT based skills to transfer into other subjects 

•At least 21 hours a fortnight developing English, maths and science skills, knowledge and understanding 

•Advice and guidance in order to make appropriate and informed choices about options for Key Stage Four 

Options Letter to Parents 2017

Options Selector Sheet 2017

Options Booklet 2017

Year 8 options letter 2018

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