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Advice for parents of children in Knowsley, Liverpool and Lancashire primaries who may be experiencing difficulties in applying for a Year 7 place in September 2023:

If you have filled in the online form for Sefton through our website, you may have received a letter advising you to go to your own authority.

Here are the web addresses for Knowsley, Liverpool and Lancashire.

In order to find our school listed in your available schools list, you may need to leave out the postcode from your address. You should then be able to select all schools and boroughs. You will pick us up from there.

If you have any concerns regarding your application, please contact the school.

You can find the Determined Admission Arrangements that Sefton Local Authority will be implementing for admission to Sefton Community, Voluntary Controlled and Academy Schools for September 2023 entry by following the link here.

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Secondary School admissions

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Student views

Ava - Year 7

I have been here two weeks and I came from Kirby C of E. The teachers are very nice and I feel happy here. I am settling in well and I have made some new friends.  High school is very different to primary – it is not what you are used to but you will fit in well and have a good time. Remember to be yourself – that’s my top advice. 

Aidan - Year 7

I have been here for two weeks and I am settling in well. I like the teachers, and being here is a lot of fun. I have made lots of new friends and I feel like a Maghull kid already. 

Laura - Year 8

I have been here for one year and I came from Rice Lane. The staff have helped me settle in, they are kind and caring and always on hand to answer any questions or queries I may have. During my time here, I have gained so much confidence. I had the opportunity to give a speech at the open evening in 2019 and also delivered to the food bank. I have been able to represent the school at cross-country. 

Adam - Year 8

I have been here for about a year.  I came from St Bartholomew’s primary school. The staff and teachers are good; the way they teach their lessons is good and well explained. I have played for the school football team. 

Megan - Year 9

I have been here for two years and I came from Hudson primary. All the teachers and staff are really nice and will help you with anything. I have been involved on student council, school tours, open days, performances, competitions, athletics and lots of other events. My advice to any new student is don’t be nervous, get involved and get to know people and offer help. 

Alex - Year 9

I have been here for two years and I came from Barlow’s primary. The teachers are lovely people; they treat you well. In lock down, I attended as a key worker student and the staff were brilliant.  I have been part of the student council, football team, and athletics. I also represented the school at the town hall event. I have participated in gifted and talented workshops.  My tip would be to talk to a member of staff if you have any issue, and make sure you choose the right sort of mates. 

Emily - Year 9

I have been her for three years and I came from Hudson Primary school. The teachers are nice.  School is excellent and the staff really know how to teach the students.  I have been involved in lots of different things from performances,  reading clubs, open days, summer school helper and more.  I also went on a Spanish trip to Barcelona. My advice would be to get on the teachers’ good side, participate and get involved. This school is fun and diverse. 

Oliver - Year 10

I have been here for two years and did an in school transfer.  In my previous school, I could not settle with the teachers.  Here the teachers are good and everyone is so happy. I have been involved in a primary liaison project and also, the school football team.

Amy - Year 11

I joined from Summerhill primary and have been here for four years. I like the teachers because they are fun. I have been involved in Millionaire’s Club, student council, cross-country and represented school in the 1500m at the Sefton championships. People are nice here and everyone is so helpful. 

Giorgio - Year 11

I joined mid-way in year 8 and went to Millbrook primary school. Teaching is good, but sometimes I find the pace a bit quick, but that is probably just me. It is a nice environment and I like the people here, definitely better than my old school. I have been involved in a project with HMRC and have been on a visit to Edgehill University. I also went to Paris and Euro Disneyland for a few days on a science trip. We are treated like adults here and I have a lot of fun.