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Business Studies

Head of Computer Science, ICT & Business – Mr W Maddock
Key Stage 4 Pastoral Director / Teacher of Business Studies – Mrs J Aspinall
Teacher of Computer Science, ICT & Business – Miss P Redmond
Teacher of Computer Science, ICT & Business – Ms D Ouko


We want every student the opportunity to practice real life skills that may enable them to see a talent in themselves they never knew they had. These enterprising skills may lead the students to create their own small businesses, which are important because they provide opportunities for entrepreneurs and create meaningful jobs with greater job satisfaction than positions with larger, traditional companies. They foster local economies, keeping money close to home and supporting neighbourhoods and communities.

However more than that all businesses need enterprising employees to drive their organisations forward, to have ideas and initiatives to instigate growth, and to ensure that businesses survive in this fast-changing world. Enterprise is a key government focus and is set to form an important part of the UK’s global economic status, both now and in the future. Enterprise skills provide a fantastic progression pathway into a number of roles in an organisation and are transferable into all businesses. Study of this sector at Key Stage 4 and 5 will complement GCSE and A-Level study through providing an opportunity for practical application alongside conceptual study. There are also strong opportunities for post-16 and post-18 progression in this sector.

Students completing their Business will be aiming to go on to employment, often via the stepping-stone of higher education. It was, therefore, essential that we follow qualifications, which were developed in close collaboration with experts from professional bodies, businesses and universities.

What are the key concepts that have to be mastered for pupils to be successful in this subject?
  1. Characteristics of enterprises
  2. Market research that helps enterprises
  3. Factors that contribute to the success of an enterprise  
  4. Plan a micro-enterprise activity
  5. Elements of promotion and financial records 
  6. Different factors influencing a given enterprise 
Key Stage 4

BTEC Tech Award in Enterprise

The Pearson BTEC Level 1/Level 2 Tech Award in Enterprise, is for learners who wish to acquire knowledge and skills, about behaviours and skills related to researching, planning, pitching and reviewing an enterprise idea. The qualification enables learners to develop their technical skills, such as market research skills, planning, promotional and financial skills using realistic work scenarios, and personal skills, (such as monitoring own performance, time management and problem solving) through a practical and skills-based approach to learning and assessment.

What will I Study?

The course is made up of three components, two of which are internally marked (coursework) and one component which is externally marked (exam). Your internally marked work will be marked by your teacher and then checked by an external moderator. Each of the coursework components are worth 30% of the final grade and the exam is 40% of the final grade.

Component 1: Exploring Enterprises – Internal Assessment (GLH 36)

Component 2: Planning for and Pitching an Enterprise Activity – Internal Assessment (GLH 36)

Component 3: Promotion and Finance for Enterprise – External Assessment (GLH 48)

How am I graded?

Grading is done using Pass, Merit, Distinction and Distinction* – where the grade is level 1 means it is below the equivalent grade 4 and level 2is equivalent to grade 4 or higher

Key Stage 5

Pupils in the Sixth Form are studying the BTEC National Level 3 in Business Studies. The qualification is assessed by examination (33%), externally assessed controlled assessment (25%), a core internally assessed coursework unit (25%) and a further optional coursework unit (17%). A breakdown of the units and when they will be delivered can be seen below.

Year 12 pupils will be embarking on the new Business Studies level 3 BTEC course. They will complete 2 internal coursework units, a controlled assessment and an external examination.

The units are as followed:-

Year 12

Unit 1 – Exploring business (Internally assessed)

Unit 2 – Developing a marketing campaign (Controlled assessment)

Year 13

Unit 3 – Personal and business finance (Externally assessed)

Unit 27 – Work place in business (Combination of work based learning and internally assessed coursework