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An aspirational curriculum for all 

Maghull High School provides an aspirational and broad and balanced curriculum which prepares students for life in modern Britain. We enable students to become responsible, resilient, respectful, tolerant and active citizens who contribute positively to society, appreciate diversity and uphold British values.

Our rich and rewarding curriculum is carefully designed to ensure that all students are actively engaged in their learning and flourish at Maghull High School.  We offer a diverse range of learning experiences, ensuring students of all abilities are catered for.  All subjects are important at Maghull High School, and we endeavour to ensure that students experience learning in the broadest range of subjects possible, for as long as possible, through a three year key stage three.  Students choose GCSE option subjects in year nine to specialise their studies from year ten and have the opportunity to continue their studies at A level in our Sixth Form College.

Through a wide range of vibrant cultural and extra-curricular experiences we raise students’ aspirations, broaden horizons and accelerate their learning to ensure that they are well prepared for their next steps, leading to successful improved life chances.

Subject pages within the Office 365 SharePoint platform enable students to access subject department homepages to find lesson resources for each year group and source homework via the Homework Hub.


The tutorial link below takes the students through a guided tour on how to access the subject department homepages.

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Key Stage 3

Our key stage 3 comprises years 7 – 9. We believe that the 3-year structure allows pupils to develop a deep-rooted and broad understanding of both national curriculum and additional creative subjects. We hope that this understanding provides pupils with a solid foundation that will remain with them even if they choose not to continue a subject into key stage 4.

Key Stage 4

Key stage 4 comprises years 10 -11. During this time, pupils study a range of level 2 courses carefully selected by our skilled subject leaders. This includes GCSEs and vocational courses such as BTECs. All pupils are entered for GCSEs in English Language and Literature, Mathematics, Science, RE, an English Baccalaureate subject, and a further 2 subjects of their choice. 

Key Stage 5

Key stage 5 comprises years 12 – 13. The majority of pupils go on to study level 3 courses either academic, vocational, or a combination of both. For those students that struggle to attain the basics at level 2, we provide a route that offers tailored intervention to support re-examination in English and Maths. There is also the option for students to enhance their portfolio of qualifications by completing a relevant and appropriate level 2 qualification.

Special Educational Needs and Disability (SEND)

The Special Educational Needs and Disability (SEND) department at Maghull High School aim to create a caring, secure, stimulating and flexible learning environment, which aims to ensure that every child has an equal right to reach their full potential socially, physically and intellectually.

Our guiding principle is one of inclusion. We strive to identify and break down all possible barriers to learning to ensure that all students have access to a broad, balanced and ambitious curriculum which is differentiated to meet their needs and abilities. We also make every effort to prepare our students for adulthood through the teaching of skills and attitudes which will enable them to participate fully in society and give them the foundations to become lifelong learners.

We have an excellent team of trained and dedicated teaching assistants who support our young people across the curriculum, offering guidance and ensuring that all student’s needs are met.

In keeping with the ethos of the school and the foundations underpinning the SEND policy, our aims and principles are:

  • To identify and assess SEND at the earliest opportunity through baseline assessments and careful ongoing assessment and monitoring of all students.
  • To monitor the effectiveness of interventions through clear ongoing assessment procedures and record keeping.
  • To involve students with SEND in all aspects of school life.
  • To provide appropriate training for staff so that policy and the accompanying procedures and strategies can be implemented with maximum effect.
  • To differentiate work carefully so that, wherever possible, students can be supported in the classroom with their peers and students will enjoy ongoing access to a broad and balanced curriculum.
  • To establish and maintain good systems of communication between professionals from outside agencies, teachers, teaching assistants and other staff members.
  • To take a collaborative approach to students’ needs. Where the student has a SEND Support Plan we will always discuss this with the student in an appropriate way, make the objectives of the plan clear and take the student’s views into account. We also encourage parents to be actively involved in supporting their child and bring in external professionals where appropriate.
Personal Development & Safeguarding

At all key stages we offer personal, social and health education, including age-appropriate relationship and sex education. Through assemblies, tutor time, dedicated personal development lessons and out of class opportunities, we have a comprehensive approach to safeguarding children and educating pupils about how to stay safe. The school places great importance on the promotion of tolerance and respect and this is evident in our engagement with the prevent strategy and our equality statement. 

A Specialist Academy for the Performing Arts

The Performing Arts are highly regarded at Maghull High School and this permeates the fabric of our school. We believe that by providing our pupils with an inclusive and eclectic range of opportunities in the Arts, we contribute significantly to the cultural capital of all pupils as well as providing a platform for talent to shine.

Curriculum in Our Community

Maghull High School draws pupils from a wide and socio-economically highly diverse catchment from over 40 partner primary schools. There are fantastic links to prosperous businesses and a thriving city of culture. We endeavour to embrace the opportunities presented to us by linking with local businesses and universities, exposing pupils to the vast array of cultural experiences on our doorstep, and nurturing the friendly and caring community which we are fortunate to be a part of. Our curriculum aims to prepare pupils to thrive in our community both now and in the future. Close links and effective communication with our partner primary schools helps us to identify typical gaps in pupils’ knowledge and skills and allows us to plan to fill these gaps accordingly.

English & Maths - The Building Blocks of Success

English and maths skills are essential building blocks for any career and play an important role in helping people both find and sustain employment. Our curriculum is designed to ensure that pupils who need extra support in these areas receive it from the moment they arrive. This support continues throughout the key stages to ensure that all pupils leave with these important literacy and numeracy skills.

Teaching & Learning - Appropriate Challenge for All

Appropriate challenge for all pupils is at the heart of our planning and development of schemes of work. This is particularly pertinent in providing for the needs of very able pupils. We have a carefully designed structure for the identification of these pupils and a strong structure of support to ensure that we meet the needs of these pupils. 

Our teachers are highly skilled and they place great importance on their professional development. All of our teachers have QTS and many have successfully enhanced their level of expertise through engagement in whole school CPD, masters or even higher degrees, NPQ programmes at all levels, and subject knowledge enhancement courses. All of our CPD is rooted in the latest reliable research and we engage external training partners as appropriate. Every subject area engages with their chosen examination boards and also with subject specific professional associations. Safeguarding is a core non-negotiable for all adults in the school and the ongoing CPD cycle reflects this. 

We are acutely aware of the benefits of developing pupils’ oracy and classroom talk. Our curriculum is designed to ensure that pupils become vocabulary-rich and are able to reap the benefits. The intention is for pupils to experience cognitive gains, personal and social gains, civic engagement and empowerment. This is supported through the employment of a literacy co-ordinator and oracy being a key thread running through planning and curriculum design. Reading is a fundamental pursuit that is encouraged and promoted throughout the school both in and out of the classroom.

Teachers aim to have a dynamic and adaptive approach to lesson design to ensure that misconceptions are addressed quickly and that learning is sequenced to ensure that pupils can recall their learning and that understanding ‘sticks’. All planning starts with identifying the intended outcomes and working backwards to ensure that assessment, feedback and intervention maximises the learning taking place. 

Extra-Curricular Provision

Education at Maghull High School goes beyond the core curriculum. Our extra-curricular provision and events programme allows us to offer a wider-curriculum that encourages pupils to pursue their interests, engage socially with other pupils and adults with similar interests, celebrate their talents and achievements, meet young people and adults from other cultures and communities, and to receive extra help when its needed.

Cultural Capital

Maghull High School believes that by nurturing resilience, creativity and curiosity in pupils, we give them the best chance to develop their education, knowledge, language, habits, and ultimately enhance their ability to get ahead in life. We recognise that cultural capital can be limited by many external factors and actively seek to broaden the opportunities and experiences available to all pupils, as well as fostering an expectation that pupils buy into our caring, respectful and tolerant school community.  

All subject areas are pro-active in providing additionally both within and beyond the classroom and these opportunities are articulated in each subject’s curriculum rationale.  

The school embraces the Gatsby benchmarks for careers guidance and has a clear implementation plan across the key stages to ensure that pupils are able to raise their aspirations and capitalise on the opportunities available to them through education, employment and training. 

An Equitable Curriculum - Removing Barriers to Learning

An excellent curriculum caters for all pupils. 

Approximately 1 in 3 pupils at Maghull High School is disadvantaged. We are relentless in our efforts to eradicate the difference for these pupils. This goes beyond ensuring that pupils are not disadvantaged in terms of progress and attainment. The school provides an inspirational and deep curriculum that engages students and helps them to make informed choices on their educational journey. A pupil’s ability to thrive in this curriculum is carefully monitored and the school engages a host of research-based strategies to ensure that all can achieve. The pupil premium allocation is used purposefully and carefully to support their curriculum experience. 

We are proud of our excellent and continuously developing support for pupils with special educational needs. We believe that all pupils should have access to an excellent and inclusive curriculum that is not restricted by an additional need or barrier. Teachers are meticulous in ensuring that planning and resourcing allows all pupils to access their subjects and often adapt and enhance schemes of work to ensure that this is effective.  

In developing our curriculum model we have been careful to ensure that boys and girls have equal opportunity in terms of attainment, access to subjects (including STEM and PE), staffing, and attitudes towards sexism. 

Our curriculum sets clear expectations about preparing learners for life in modern Britain and their understanding of fundamental British values. 

For more information regarding curriculum please contact Miss S Cassidy (Assistant Headteacher) [email protected]