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Data Protection (GDPR)
Data Protection and General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR)

The school has reviewed its data protection arrangements to ensure we comply with the General Data Protection Regulations and the Data Protection Act 2018.

How does Data Protection legislation protect personal data?

The aim of the GDPR is to strengthen and standardise the safety and security of all data held within an organisation, reflecting changes in technology and the ways in which organisations collect information about ‘individuals’ (data subjects). The regulation provides certain rights which data controllers and data processors must respect.

See Information Commisioner’s Office for further information on GDPR

How does Maghull High School protect personal data?

The GDPR requires schools to keep personal data safe and to have appropriate systems, policies and procedures in place to enable them to comply with their data protection responsibilities.

The school has updated the following policies to ensure they are in line with the data protection laws and to provide further details on how the school manages data.

Consent form for pupils

Parental consent for pupils

Workforce privacy policy

data breach policy

subject access request policy

data protection policy

Pupils privacy notice

Staff act acceptable use policy