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Homework Timetable Year 7

Homework Timetable Year 8

Homework Timetable Year 9

Homework Timetable Year 10

Homework Timetable Year 11 

Homework Policy

Teachers at Maghull High School set homework in line with the school’s policy and as appropriate for the age and stage of students. Teachers endeavour to set homework that consolidates learning and prepares students well for work to come.

Why we set homework

  • To develop the skill of independent learning
  • To prepare for forthcoming lessons – Flipped Learning
  • To consolidate learning in class
  • To practice skills – learning by doing
  • To develop self-discipline and time management skills
  • To research an area of interest
  • To give opportunity to develop the partnership of student/parent/teacher
  • To do work which is not suited to the classroom situation

How homework is set

Maghull High School use a digital platform called Firefly alongside subject specific platforms such as Dr Frost (Maths), Educake (Science) and MS 365 such as MS Teams assignments.  Other homework will require a more traditional approach, through completion in student exercise books.  Teachers will choose the method best suited to the task to set the homework and direct students to record the task in their homework planner.  If the homework is completed on an online platform, it is submitted virtually and feedback is provided via the platform. 

Help with Homework

If homework tasks are not understood by students, they should find their subject teacher, before the day when the homework is due for completion, and ask for help.  Students are encouraged to email their teachers directly for support if they are unable to speak to them directly.  Parents are also encouraged to either write to the teacher via the student homework planner or via email.