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National Poetry Day

National Poetry Day Competition
We had many entries to the trust’s poetry competition to celebrate National Poetry Day.  Students were invited to write a poem on the topic of nature.  They all wrote fantastic poems and should be really proud of themselves.   Our school’s overall winner was Julia and the runners up were Daisy, Emma, Megan and Georgia.

The Ocean by Julia

A small boat on the ocean,
Sending big waves and emotions.
In the middle of the sea there is a boat
Waiting for me but I’m in too deep, I’m
In too deep.
I feel like I’m locked up in locks
And chains full of misery and sadness,
Stress and hope of relief.
The sunlight going under the sea giving
The light for me to see, I wiggle my foot and
Resist the water loosening it.
It’s letting go and falls down letting me rise to the top.
I push away all the comments and unkind
face expressions, I swam onto the boat.
Laying down, the warm sunlight warming and
drying me down. I found my way into my
heart and strength to push away all the
doubts. I’m now strong and happy. The birds
are flying and the sun is shining
and the boat started sailing to the end

Click on the link below to download all winners and runners up entries
National Poetry Day competition