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Pastoral care

Our Pastoral structure promotes and supports an environment in school where pupils work purposefully and also feel secure, safe, happy and confident. It aims to develop relationships between staff and pupils, and between the pupils themselves, that are based on mutual respect and tolerance.


• To seek to promote a respect for learning and to encourage an awareness of education as a lifelong process

• To create a safe, supportive learning environment in which all members of the school community are encouraged to develop their maximum potential

• To encourage respect for the needs and feelings of others

• To embrace a philosophy, at both an individual and whole school level, of continuous improvement.

Pastoral manager : Mrs R Watson

Behaviour and Engagement Leader – Mrs S Grogan 

Attendance Officer – Miss A Platt 


Lower School Pastoral Team
Head of Year 7 – Mrs H Brogden
Assistant Head of Year 7 – Mr J Blake
Head of Year 8 – Miss B Low
Assistant Head of Year 8 – Ms C Foster
Head of Year 9 – Mr S Scott
Assistant Head of Year 9 – Mrs K Hart
Upper School Pastoral Care
Head of Year 10 – Miss D Ouko [email protected]
Assistant Head of Year 10 – Mr K Roose [email protected]
Head of Year 11 – Mr L Best [email protected]
Assistant Head of Year 11 – Miss M McCourt [email protected]

6th Form Pastoral team

Mr M Couttie – Director of Sixth Form
[email protected]

Miss E Murphy – Assistant Head of Year
[email protected]

Ms S Wallis – Careers
[email protected]

Phoenix Team

Phoenix Centre Manager: Mr J McQuade

Learning Mentor: Mr P Brady

Learning Mentor: Mrs S Wareing