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Head of Physical Education – Mrs J. Foley

Teacher of PE (Head of Girls’ PE) – Miss B. Low

Teacher of PE (Head of Boys’ PE) – Mr R. Moran

Teacher of PE – Mr M. Hodge

Teacher of PE – Miss M. Parker

Head of Sixth Form/PE teacher – Mr M. Couttie

  • For students to participate in competitive sports. To develop the skills, tactical understanding, and the values of fairness and respect.  To participate in individual and team sports.
  • To have moments that are physically demanding.
  • To develop physical literacy /confidence in skills performance.
  • To value health and fitness.
  • For the student to plan, perform, and review performance. (At times to review the performance of others).
What are the key concepts that have to be mastered for pupils to be successful in this subject?
  1. Positive attitude/experience


  2. Skill development


  3. Broad and rich experience of PE


  4. Strive to improve


  5. Preparation for the next stage

Key Stage 4 - BTEC and Core Scheme of work overview
Key Stage 5 - BTEC scheme of work overview